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Pristine Periodontics - Canton
45185 Joy Rd # 101, Canton, MI 48187
48187 MI
United States
+1 734-589-0608

Periodontal disease can be devastating—to your smile, your confidence, your overall health But doing something about it can be empowering You’ve taken a big first step by seeking information And, we’ll be here for you every other step of the way Providing comprehensive periodontal care, implants, and a range of cosmetic procedures Always using the most advanced treatments and techniques for results that are Pristine Now in Birmingham and Canton. HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday: 8AM – 5PM Tuesday: 8AM – 5PM Wednesday: 8AM – 5PM Thursday: Closed Friday: 8AM – 12PM Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed

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Gum Recession
Smile Design
Dental Implants
Sleep Apnea and Snoring
Impacted Teeth
Sinus Lifts
Socket Grafting
Bone Grafting

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