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Venture Mfg. Co.
3636 Dayton Park Dr.Dayton, Ohio 45414
45414 OH
United States
(937) 233-8792

Venture Mfg Co is an industry leader in linear motion technology, since 1971 Being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the company is known to manufacture performance-driven linear actuators, which are capable of delivering quiet performance in various applications they are used Its product offerings include electric linear actuators, commercial actuators, RV slide-out actuators, DC actuators, stepper motor actuators, military actuators, solar tracking actuators, and satellite actuators The various beneficial features of these actuators such as customizable stroke lengths, minimal maintenance, and reversible voltage polarity have contributed to their increasing use in various industries and applications, such as solar tracking systems, material handling equipment, dentist chairs, and beds, mobile equipment, recreational vehicles, etc In addition to the actuator devices, the company also provides DC gear motors, satellite actuators, RV jacks, RV landing gear and accessories.

Products & services
electric linear actuators
commercial actuators
RV slide-out actuators
DC actuators
stepper motor actuators
military actuators
solar tracking actuators
satellite actuators

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