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NEMT Cloud Dispatch
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Cloud Based NEMT Software for NEMT Scheduling, Routing, Invoice and Billing, Fleet management, HR management, GPS tracking, Driver App, Brokerage Management, trips management and etc The merchandise is developed as a whole package to facilitate clients dealing with different insurance carriers, Medicaid, Logistic Care, Optima Care, WorkerCompensations, Dialysis facilities and other State & local programs NEMT Cloud Dispatch has automated every process involved in medical transportation from ride-booking, cancellation, trip requests to driver management Achieve more productivity with NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software.

Products & services
NEMT Scheduling software
NEMT Dispatching software
NEMT Routing software
NEMT Fleet management software
NEMT HR management software
NEMT Drivers app
NEMT Invoicing and billing
NEMT Broker management software

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