Redux Vancouver

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Redux Vancouver
105 N Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC
V5L 4V7
(604) 255-9301

You are a smart, caring business owner dedicated to providing the highest quality service to your customers You put in a lot of hard work and deserve to reap the rewards We believe in you, so we’re here for you From day one, Redux Vancouver has been committed to helping you grow your business and make it sustainable Our services are fully insured and certified by CFIA, FDA, and organic standards so your clients can trust them We know how important it is to keep your clients happy—that's why we offer 24/7 support! We also have the lowest carbon footprint possible because we use zero-waste processes when collecting waste from our client's properties We are always there when you look for a used cooking oil collection in Vancouver!

Products & services
Cooking Oil Collection
Grease Trap Cleaning
Pre-Consumer Organics Collection

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