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Flatbed Towing Corp
119 west 72nd street
New York
10023 NY
United States
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Do you know why it is best to use a flatbed tow truck? NYC professionals are here to tell you that lowering a flatbed to ground level is the safest way to ensure that a vehicle isn’t damaged as it is being loaded onto said bed. Our experts go so far as to use the best security straps to fasten your vehicle so it doesn’t move while it is being transported. Whether your vehicle was damaged in a car crash or just needs to be moved by our team because you otherwise don’t have a way to do so, you still want it handled carefully. A car lockout can happen anywhere – in Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx or any other neighborhood. If it does, choose us for trusted, affordable help. We will safely get you back in, and if we can’t for some reason, we can tow your car to a place that can get the job done. We are all about safety here, and we want to make sure that our customers are taken care of. If you didn’t make it to a gas station before running out of fuel, just call us.

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