Employee Accountability Improving Skills & goals


Sunday, September 8th 2019
Motivating your staff is an age old subject (Not a problem). As society developed and working condition had improved, so did the challenges that are required from employers as well as their employees. We no longer works in what was once described by William Blake as the Satanic Mills and yet the relationship is being form and transformed. In a world were personal responsibilities is being limited by Health & Safety and Political Correctness zealous we sometimes lose the ability to speaks out or think freely. Moreover, we no longer feel entitled to use our common sense in some situations. These barriers we impose and the inability to speak out can results in reduction in productivity. Nevertheless in our professional lives we are expected to be creative and to promote the organisations we represent. Promoting accountability is the new keyword when hiring new staff. No longer employers are willing to tolerate a passive stand from their staff, rather an astute business like and positive think is become the norm. in order to promote positivity, one must first learn to about accountability and how to promote it in your organisation. How to become more accountable to yourself and others. Understand and apply the cycle of accountability, starting with personal responsibility and the fundamental elements required to build an accountable organisation. Learn to identify the right goals and landmarks a person should aim at when becoming more productive at work. Define the process and agree on a personal ownership of the employees over his career and successful approach which benefit the company as well as the individual. Marks new areas for further self-improvement and learn to give and receive feedback. To learn more about body language training follow this link Employee Accountability Improving Skills & goal Settings e-Book CPD Training & Certificate CLICK HERE