Fire Safety Hazards & Risks Safety Management


Saturday, August 24th 2019
While most fires in the workplace are preventable. Those responsible for company and the buildings can avoid it. Introducing effective management and taking responsibility for and adopting the right behaviours and procedures can prevent tragedies. This article covers general advice on fire safety and also provides guidance on substances that cause fire and explosion. Employers or building owners and commercial tenants must carry out a fire safety risk assessment on a regular bases and continue to reassess the risk and prevention. Its important to keep these protocols up to date. This shares the same approach as health and safety risk assessments and can be carried out either as part of an overall risk assessment or as a separate exercise. By definition, fighting fires and other accidents is challenging and chaotic. Which is why most organisations will have a Fire Warden (Marshal) who's job is to update the emergency protocols and if necessary to implement it too. For more details please click on this link directing you to our website