Motivating & Training your workforce into profitability


Monday, November 25th 2019
I was walking through Mothercare in Brent Cross shopping centre last night talking to the staff and learning their defeated expressions, seeing first hand how demoralised staff looks like. Once a proud company with a huge potential customer base now bleeding to slow death. Like most business failers here too we can see how a number of factors comes together to bring a successful operation to its knees. One point in particular that comes to my mind is staff training and development, we invest so much time and effort in recruiting the right people to do the work and in many occasions the employer neglect to further training and excel the staff to new achievements. “It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do, We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Steve Jobs. People don’t just go to work, rather they would want to be appreciated and recognised for the work and improvement they bring into the company. Employer is not only the person who signs the monthly paycheque, in reality, but you also find that the job includes elements of motherhood as well as a confusion priest and massage therapist (ego). Being a good manager and employer is a learning curve which has it’s up and down although, it’s best educating oneself on the back of others. Very few people can walk into this roll ready to understand the needs of the work in hand and the staff who they are managing. The relationship should not only be based on blind trust. The foundation of any successful venture is built on the ability to be flexible and to adapt to new ideas and work patents. Often companies fail to embrace changes and to motivate their staff to follow when the ultimate goal of any business (Profit) starts to drop. Sending your coworkers to motivate themself in any way would not succeed in the long run, may it be a drink in a pub or a day out paid by you. In order to achieve a directional change, you too as a manager and a leader should be openminded to accept new ideas and be able to reconfirm work methods. You cannot motivate others when you too are not motivated or unsure of the changes to the company structure. Click here for Learning to motivate and creating another layer of stability in the workplace is an as important passage into profitability as recruiting the best salesman and finest machines.