Planning For A Raining Day


Sunday, October 27th 2019
In the words of General D.D Eisenhower "In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." We find that business and large corporate plans are no different than planning for any other major campaign. Business planning is mainly directed at benefiting the company growth and providing a generous income. We search high and low to find the right product and acquiring it a price that would reflect the quality of the item and sales profit. The process can be applied to all areas of business developments and growth. While the sales records are high it is easy to forget that market conditions and trends do have their own time cycles which can be either beneficial or not. Business planners are aiming at prosperity and on occasion, neglect to plan for emergency and time when the company has to downsize. We must be able to produce a thinking structure, one which concentrated on understanding the business weakness and creating a backbone mechanism that would be able to support the overall company in a difficult time. The key themes of which are to identify the potential for business interruption (e.g., technology failures, supply shortages, operator errors) and to mitigate these risk. Business Continuity is not just an exercise for big business or the public sector. The principles used are applicable to all sizes of organizations and are just as effective in smaller organizations as they are in larger ones. Indeed, Business Continuity Management can bring significant benefits to smaller businesses enabling them to more effectively compete for contracts, demonstrate professional management and protect the interests of the owners. One such an opportunity to brush up on planning strategies is offered by Kerote Ltd e-book course that can be found via the following link Crisis Management Business Continuity e-Book CPD Training & Certificate