The art of listening is a vital communication skill, Transforming and establishing a relationships In The Workplace


Friday, August 30th 2019
Active listening is a progression from passive listening or simply hearing without a deeper understanding of the speaker and the subject in hand. Learning as a listener to gives the speaker full attention by inquiring, reflecting and absorbing the information is a skill second to none when communicating with other. In a professional life or in personal capacity. The course listed below teach a method and tools for active listening that should be implemented by the student in order to become a better listener. We begin by defining what is Active Listening and how to understand body language followed by understanding the difference between sympathy and empathy, and when each is appropriate. Build relationships to create an authentic communication experience while identifying common listening problems and solutions. The demand for communication skills is ever growing and so is the realisation that middle management as well as all other level of supervision must brush up on their coordinating skills. In the course we deliver a structured way of learning via a CPD online programme that covers all aspects of Active Listening. To learn more about this course please CLICK HERE