What Make a Project a Successful operation?


Tuesday, September 3rd 2019
The purpose of these project management guidelines is to help you to organise, plan and control your projects. The guides were written and designed to help maximise the potential for projects to succeed by helping to address each element of the project at the right time and to the right level of detail for the size and complexity of each project. Among other variables for a project to be successful these factors should be considered too: • The ability to deliver the outcomes and benefits required by the organisation, its delivery partners and other stakeholder organisations • Create and implement deliverables targets that meet agreed requirements • Meet timetable targets while trying to implement the designed plan • Stay within financial budgets • Involve all the right creative people in the position were they would be able to contribute fully • Make best use of resources in the organisation while keeping to the agreed budget • Take account of changes in the way the organisation operates and learn to evolve the project to suite changing conditions when necessary • Manage any risks that could jeopardise success • Take into account the needs of staff and other stakeholders who will be impacted by the changes brought about by the project. Projects are different from the normal operation of the organisation in that they: • Design specific objectives which can be delivered within the agreed timetable • Consider introducing changes to the way the business operates • Create new outputs/deliverables that will enable benefits to be realised • Have a specific, temporary management organisation and governance arrangements set up for the duration of the project • Involve a range of professionals from different parts of the organisation • May use methods and approaches that are new or unfamiliar To learn more about this course please https://www.kerote.com/product/advanced-project-management-strategies-9-99/ CLICK HERE