Should all things wig-related be spoken about publicly?

Hair and Beauty

Sunday, January 12th 2020
It is a question on everyone’s minds when they see someone, for instance, their friend wearing a wig knowing they definitely did not wear one before. Times have changed. Historically, people only wore a wig if they suffered from hair loss or illnesses that caused hair loss. It was always something that was kept under the radar and not spoken about publicly as it was almost seen as an embarrassment. Nowadays, people tend to wear one as a fashion statement. Celebrities are becoming more open about the fact that they wear a wig. It has become a fashion statement, one which the public are informed about. Singers such as Lady Gaga have been open about wearing a wig and you’ll see other singers taking it the extra step further by wearing a fluorescent wig like a yellow or purple one. Other celebrities wear hairpieces to enhance the volume of their hair; to make it look more full and long. The public see how good it looks and starts to want the same thing. Essentially it instils confidence in people. It makes them look good and feel good about themselves. Historically, not only was wearing a hairpiece not spoken about, but there was also not much knowledge around this topic either. The public knew little of where to source the wig from or where and how the wig was made. By contrast, now, wigs can be custom made for the buyer. The hair can be sourced from a particular origin and the piece can be measured to the inch of the customers head so that it fits perfectly. There is a huge selection of wigs and hairpieces. More businesses have formed selling a variety of different wigs, whether online or in stores. In conclusion, wigs are no longer seen as an embarrassment but rather it has instilled confidence in people. So yes it should be spoken about more publicly. Newer technology and more knowledge means that people can order whatever type of wig they want from wherever they want. If you or someone you know are looking to purchase a wig or hairpiece, don’t hesitate to contact Simmy’s Wigs on 020 8202 5263. Simmy’s Wigs have a reputation to put customers at ease and advise them on exactly what they need or want. Their primary objective is to boost the customers confidence and make sure they leave the store feeling good about themselves. Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels Simmy’s Wigs