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Wednesday, May 2nd 2018
An automatic sprinkler system can help create a lush lawn while minimising water use and related costs. Automatic sprinklers systems connects to either water tank where water collected from rain water, or tie in to the mains water system. Homeowners can choose to install an automatic sprinkler system themselves or to hire a professional company to do the job. Watermatic Landscape Irrigation Typical Costs for Automatic Irrigation Sprinklers Underground sprinkler system: The cost for purchase and professional installation of an underground sprinkler system for an average-sized garden is typically in the range of 1,000-5,000 where larger gardens the prices depends on many aspects. The cost may increase based upon the number of zones, or areas, that require watering. What to Expect Materials: The materials needed for sprinkler installation include a well planed diagram, marking locations, a trenching machine, PVC piping, PVC cement, gravel, shovels, trowels, the sprinkler heads, and the timer or control unit to supply the right amount of water to the right type of plants & lawn. If you decide to install a drip-irrigation system, you'll need additional materials including tubing, a utility knife, and ground stakes. Timing: Installation for an underground sprinkler system typically takes from 1 day or several days of work depends on the project size. Mess: Sprinkler installation will require trench building and displacement of soil, grass, and landscaping elements in the area, so there will be a significant mess to clean up post-installation, whilst taking this in to consideration professional installers carry equipment that minimize the mess. For professional advice, search for pros who can advise you of best practice and solutions. If in UK, well reputable company working in the private and commercial sectors are Watermatic LTD based in Radlett, Herts. You can vist their site @ Watermatic Irrigation Solutions Please note that we only share our thoughts with you, and advise you read our terms & conditions for information provided on this website.