Does watering the lawn in the sun burns it

Landscape Gardeners

Friday, May 4th 2018
According to many articles online and gardeners the best time to water grass is in the early morning. Sun is not hot, the wind and heat are usually minimal at this time, and the majority of the water you give your lawn will reach the lawn roots. Plus, the grass leaves and stems will dry by midday or even before if hot days. However, if you must water your lawn during the the day when it is hot and the sun is strong on the lawn, the grass will not be harmed. There are myths around about burning the grass from sun rays concentrated in water droplets. That is a misconception! Many top-notch golf courses spritz their greens on hot days to reduce heat stress on the grass. When grass showcases dead spots and patches, the reason is never water droplets baking in the sun, according to some horticulturalist. Heat may cause your lawn to yellow, ground seem dry, that means watering your lawn is the remedy. Waiting until the sun has gone down to water your lawn prolongs the grass's suffering in the heat, and watering close to nightfall encourages fungal development. So to sum this up, water in the early mornings, can and should if you have to water in day times, and less at nightfall.