Israeli Law when you don't know the culture & language

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Monday, September 23rd 2019
It can be a minefield in Israel. Christians, Jews and Arabs make up the population. There is a combination of civil and religious law. Marriage and divorce are always handled by religious courts, and often property issues, debts, children are handled in the civil courts. If you have not experienced the system, you could be in for a huge culture shock. Things are very different, in fact some would say unique, in Israel. Adv. Mickey Givati, with his decade of experience in family matters says: "I meet people from the USA and Europe who are shell shocked when they are first faced with any court proceedings. It could be for divorce, which incidentally can happen here even without the couple having married in Israel, or even be resident. People who make Aliya (immigration), are not always well informed on how the system works. I have helped families who simply didn't understand how to get their children into schools, especially if they had special needs. The Welfare Ministry is involved with citizens from birth to death - my speciality. On the down side, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have what is known as a No Exit Order. Even foreign nationals. The reasons can be for debt, which grows exponentially in Israel, or maybe for child support payments, which are one of the highest in the world. This has caused a lot of parents to be alienated from children, or they cannot enter or leave Israel, leaving the extended family unable to be with the children for visits. My work in the UN committees, and being head of a civil society as a human rights defender of children and families, means I can work quickly to help, no matter how complex the situation is. Mickey Givati can be contacted on UK number 07754682112, or through his website.